Flexor Tendon Tear

What Is Flexor Tendon Tear?

Flexor Tendon Tears: Causes, Signs, and Expert Care

Understanding the Role of Flexor Tendons

In the intricate system of hand movement, flexor tendons play a crucial role. These tendons, powered by forearm muscles, enable the bending of fingers and thumb. They extend from the forearm into the hand, attaching to the small bones of the fingers and thumb.

Causes of Flexor Tendon Tears

Flexor tendon tears typically result from deep cuts on the palm side of the hand, wrist, or forearm. Sports-related injuries, such as those occurring in wrestling, football, or rock climbing, can also force these tendons to tear away from the bone.

Recognizing Signs of a Flexor Tendon Tear

Identifying the symptoms of a flexor tendon tear is essential for timely intervention:

  1. Inability to Bend Joints: You may find it impossible to bend one or more finger or thumb joints.
  2. Pain with Bending: Pain occurs when attempting to bend the affected finger or thumb.
  3. Numbness: Fingertip numbness can be an indicator of a flexor tendon tear.
  4. Palm-Side Cut or Injury: Often, tears are accompanied by a cut or injury on the palm side of the hand, typically near the bend in the finger or thumb.
  5. Tenderness: Tenderness on the palm side of the finger can also be a sign of a tear.

Treatment Options for Flexor Tendon Tears

The approach to treatment depends on the extent of the tendon tear:

  • Partial Tears: If the tendon ends are still connected, healing can occur naturally with the use of a splint.
  • Complete Tears: Surgery is required to rejoin the torn tendon ends. Post-surgery, splinting may be necessary for up to two months to promote proper wrist healing.

Both partial and complete tears benefit from prescribed physical therapy to ensure the hand functions optimally.

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