Tendon Transfer in the Hand

What Is Tendon Transfer in the Hand?

Enhancing Hand Function with Tendon Transfer at City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Optimizing Hand Function through Tendon Transfer

Understanding Tendon Transfer in Hand

Tendons serve as the crucial link between muscles and bones, enabling muscle functionality. When a tendon, essential for muscle operation, sustains damage, the affected muscle becomes essentially paralyzed and loses its function. Tendon transfer emerges as a surgical solution to this challenge. This procedure involves relocating a healthy tendon from one part of the body to another, revitalizing the compromised area’s function. In the realm of hand orthopedics, tendon transfer is frequently employed to address tendon damage resulting from nerve injuries, muscle ruptures, or nervous system impairments.

The Tendon Transfer Process

Tendon transfer exclusively sources robust, well-functioning tendons boasting adequate blood supply. These tendons are harvested from areas where the remaining tendons can compensate for the function of the transferred tendon. The tendon transfer surgery, typically conducted on an outpatient basis, unfolds through two incisions. One incision grants access to the tendon selected for transfer, while the other provides access to the intended attachment site. The robust tendon is then redirected to its new attachment point, firmly secured with sutures to the designated bone or tendon.

Recovery Post-Tendon Transfer

Following tendon transfer surgery, a splint or cast is worn for up to two months to ensure immobilization of the tendon. Once the splint or cast is removed, patients commonly undergo physical therapy to regain full range of motion and optimize hand function.

Unlock the potential for improved hand function through Tendon Transfer at City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

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