Hip Fracture

What Is Hip Fracture?

Hip Fractures: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Unlocking the Mystery of Hip Fractures

A hip fracture, also known as a broken hip, is a serious injury necessitating specialized care from a qualified orthopedic physician. Although anyone can experience a hip fracture, they are more prevalent among older individuals, often due to age-related bone weakening, a condition known as osteoporosis. Even minor impacts can lead to bone fractures in these cases. Hip fractures commonly result from falls among older adults, typically due to balance issues or impaired vision. The compassionate orthopedic team at City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine boasts extensive experience in treating hip fractures, offering tailored treatment options to facilitate pain-free mobility and recovery.

Common Causes of Hip Fractures

While falls are the leading cause of hip fractures, other potential causes and risk factors contributing to broken hips include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • High-impact sports injuries
  • Sudden twisting movements
  • Previous hip injuries
  • Complications from prior hip surgeries

Recognizing Hip Fracture Symptoms

If you encounter any of the following symptoms associated with hip fractures, seek evaluation by our proficient providers:

  • Severe hip pain
  • Hip stiffness, swelling, or bruising
  • Inability to rise after a fall
  • One leg appearing shorter
  • Inward turning of the affected leg
  • Inability to bear weight on the hip
  • Difficulty with standing or walking

Diagnosing a Hip Fracture

City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine’s hip specialists can promptly identify the source of your hip pain through an in-office assessment. This comprehensive evaluation entails a discussion of your pain level, pain location, and onset. We also review your past hip injuries and relevant medical history. Subsequently, a physical examination of your hip is performed to detect fracture signs. In many instances, we utilize imaging tests to gauge the fracture’s severity, including:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • MRI scans

Effective Hip Fracture Treatments

Given the hip’s critical role in walking, balance, and standing, surgery is often necessary to restore full hip function. At City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we offer innovative treatment options for hip fractures, including:

  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Partial hip replacement surgery
  • Revision hip replacement surgery

Understanding Partial Hip Replacement Surgery

Partial hip replacement is a comprehensive procedure, and contrary to common misconceptions, it is not less invasive than total hip replacement. It is typically employed when the hip socket remains healthy despite a hip fracture. During this procedure, the femoral head, the top of the femur within the hip socket, is replaced with a ceramic or metal prosthetic femoral head attached to a metal stem. This stem can be secured with bone cement or remain uncemented, encouraging natural bone integration.

Comprehending Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement involves replacing both the femoral head and the hip socket. The prosthetic femoral head remains ceramic or metal, while a plastic liner is implanted into the natural socket. After a complete hip replacement, the prosthetic femoral head articulates within the prosthetic socket.

Trust City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for expert guidance and personalized hip fracture care, dedicated to restoring your mobility and enhancing your quality of life.

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