ACL Tears

What Is ACL Tears?

An ACL tear, or anterior cruciate ligament tear, is a knee injury that can impact your daily activities and athletic pursuits. City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine specializes in addressing ACL tears and offers advanced treatment options to help you recover and return to an active lifestyle.

Causes of ACL Tears

ACL tears are prevalent among athletes but can occur in anyone. They often result from the following situations:

  1. Sudden changes in direction, especially during running.
  2. Sudden twisting of the leg or knee.
  3. Falling and landing on the knee.

Symptoms of an ACL Tear

ACL injuries are often accompanied by noticeable symptoms. If you experience any of the following, it’s essential to seek evaluation and treatment at City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine:

  • Knee pain
  • Knee swelling
  • A distinct “pop” sound or sensation in the knee during the injury

Diagnosing an ACL Tear

Our expert doctors at City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, with their specialized training, ensure accurate ACL tear diagnosis and access to optimal treatment solutions. During your evaluation, we will review your medical history and discuss your current symptoms. We conduct a thorough examination of your affected knee, utilizing advanced imaging techniques such as x-rays, MRI scans, and CAT scans when necessary to precisely locate and assess the injury.

Treatment for ACL Tears

Most ACL injuries do not heal well without intervention, especially if you lead an active lifestyle or are an athlete. City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine offers state-of-the-art knee surgery technologies to provide you with the best possible outcome and a quicker recovery time. In many cases, we recommend ACL repair or ACL reconstruction, coupled with a personalized post-surgery recovery plan designed to help you return to your active life as swiftly as possible. Trust City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for expert care in managing ACL tears and restoring your knee’s health and function.

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