Radial Head Fracture

What Is Radial Head Fracture?

Radial Head Fracture: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

A radial head fracture affects the upper portion of the radial bone, situated just below the elbow. The radius extends from the wrist to the elbow, and fractures in this region, known as radial head fractures, often result from falls, sports injuries, or even elbow dislocation. Recognizable symptoms of a radial head fracture include swelling and pain in the elbow, along with difficulties bending the elbow and turning the forearm.

Diagnosing a Radial Head Fracture

A radial head fracture diagnosis begins with a thorough physical examination, during which the physician assesses the arm’s movement by maneuvering it into different positions. X-rays are then performed to determine the extent of displacement and fracture severity. Additionally, CT scans may be utilized to provide detailed images, enabling the development of an appropriate treatment plan.

Treatment for Radial Head Fractures

Treatment for radial head fractures is tailored to the fracture’s severity. Common approaches include pain and swelling management through medication. Small fractures involving minor bone cracks may only require a splint or sling for a few weeks, allowing natural bone healing.

In more severe cases, surgical interventions may be necessary. Surgeons may use pins or rods to hold fractured bone pieces together, facilitating proper healing. Arthroscopic surgery can be performed to:

  • Repair torn ligaments
  • Remove dead tissue
  • Eliminate excess bone fragments

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